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Accountancy and tax advisors firm for freelancers and companies in Belgium.


Create a business

We ensure a full service to launch your company or self-employed activity. We identify the needs of our clients, develop a financial plan and provide assistance for registration with the notary, the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises and VAT offices.


We provide complete bookkeeping services from VAT returns to annual accounts and other legal obligations.


We prepare and draw up the VAT return, personal income tax return, corporate tax return and non-resident's tax return.


We accompany our clients in the development of their activity by means of financial projections based on business results.


Our clients benefit from our expertise in acquisitions, mergers, liquidations and separations. We advise them on tools that can help to manage their business efficiently. We provide assistance to foreign companies in how to obtain a Belgian VAT number.

Our clients

Customer Type Chart Companies 60% NPO 15% Individuals 25%
Graph of our clients' industries Services (Legal, IT, etc.) 75% NPO 15% Trade & Retail 10%

About Us

Triaxis is a firm of chartered-accountants located in Brussels, specialised in accounting and tax services for self-employed professionals and companies.

Our mission is to provide essential advice and follow-up to self-employed professionals and companies in order to optimise the management of their activities in a context of increased complexity of modern economy.


Triaxis SRL

Avenue Paul Hymans 105-35
1200 Brussels
Tel. +32 2 772.90.67

VAT: BE0834.449.329

We look forward to hearing your projects and needs.

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Belgian tax and accounting news... in less than 400 characters!

Here are the current topics in Belgian taxation and accounting that we follow on a daily basis.

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    Personal tax 2024 (inc. 2023) – deadlines

      • 14 May 2024

    via paper: by June 30, 2024. via MyMinfin: General principle: you have until July 15, 2024. With specific income types (e.g., self-employed): you have until October 16, 2024

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    Tax prepayments 2024

      • 6 April 2024

    The penalty for insufficient advance tax payments increases to 9% for businesses (both individuals and companies). Make sure to pay your installments on time.

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    Interest rate on current account

      • 4 March 2024

    If you owe money to your company, it means you have a debit current account (“compte courant débiteur”). The applicable interest rate for the year 2023 is 5.43%, whereas it was 7.14% in 2022

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    Electronic invoice

      • 30 December 2023

    The Minister of Finance has submitted to the council of ministers, in second reading, a preliminary project on electronic invoicing. We are not talking here about a simple digital document in PDF, for example, but rather a structured electronic file (PEPPOL bis format), in other words, computer code, which can also be read as a PDF, but especially integrated directly into software for processing. It’s for 2026! Mandatory between taxable persons.

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